DIY: Valentine’s Day Craft – Crayon Hearts Sunbeam

Feb 07, 2012 in Valentine's Day

Most people don’t think of decorating their home for Valentine’s Day. But what better way to show your family that you love and cherish them than decorating your home with lovely hearts! This gorgeous DIY craft project by Martha Stewart is so easy, yet so so pretty. Place one of these by your brightest window and you’ll surely see many a hearts go aflutter!

Here are the materials you need to create your very own crayon hearts sunbeam.

  • 12″x16″ waxed paper
  • Wax crayon shavings in your choice of color (we suggest red, pink, orange and yellow!)
  • Handheld pencil sharpener
  • Kraft paper
  • Iron
  • Thread or string

Fold a 12″x16″ waxed paper in half length-wise and unfold it, creating a crimp. Place it on a large piece of Kraft paper. Grab the crayon color of your choice and your handheld pencil sharpener and shave off thin strips of crayon wax onto one side of your folded paper. Make sure they are distributed thinly and evenly across the paper half. Now fold the paper in half so that the crayon shavings are sandwiched between the folded paper. Place another sheet of Kraft paper on top of the waxed paper so that you know have kraft paper on top and bottom of the waxed paper. Set your iron to medium heat and gently press the iron on top of the kraft paper. Make sure you don’t leave it on too long, otherwise it will burn the paper. After the crayon shavings have melted, let it cool completely. Trace a heart shape on the waxed paper and cut it out. Now you have two beautiful crayon hearts. Punch a small hold on top of the crayon and thread it. Now it’s ready for you to hang near your window! Create a few more in various sizes and colors for a beautiful window display.

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Lee D February 7, 2012 at 11:04 am

Thanks for sharing this! I found it so hard finding cute valentine’s day crafts and this one is easy enough for me and my daughter to make. :)

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