White Pumpkins: Modern Halloween Decor

Oct 07, 2011 in Halloween

As much as we like good ole Mr. Orange Pumpkin, we can’t help but fall in love with the more chic and modern, Ms. White Pumpkin. White pumpkins make such wonderful modern decor for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Buy some miniature white pumpkins and line them up in a row on a wooden, rectangular platter for a beautiful Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Or carve ’em up for a fun and festive modern Halloween treat. Even better, use the white canvas to your advantange and draw faces and modern motif directly onto the white pumpkin surface with a black permanent marker. Oh, the possiblities are endless. And since we’re dealing with the color white, you can even try spray painting them in whatever color your little heart desires.

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photos: Good Housekeeping | Happy Mundane | Country Living

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