Ombre Cakes: Pretty In Pink

by Anna @

Recently, wedding blogs have been swooning over ombre cakes. Just as history always repeats itself, ombre cakes have yet again made a comeback since the days of Gwen Stefani and her symbolic pink ombre wedding dress. Ombre cakes can come in all different colors, from pink to green to even gray. The subtle gradation of light to dark (or dark to light) completely draws your eye and creates such beautiful movement of color. The use of one primary color to create such depth makes ombre one of the hottest trends in modern party design.

After spotting such beautiful ombre cakes in practically ever color imaginable, we couldn’t feature just one so we decided to share with you our favorite ombre cakes in 7 colors. We don’t play color favorites here, people. First up…pink ombre cakes.

Pink works wonderfully in ombre design due to the wide range of shades of pink that you can work with. Start off one layer with a brighter pink, like cotton candy, and gradually fade into a softer pink, like blush. You can even work in other shades of pink like coral and lavendar to make your ombre layers more vibrant.

Ombre design can either be applied to the outside frosting or to the inside cake layers. To make your ombre design really stand out, we’d suggest keeping it to either one or the other (outside frosting or inside cake layers). We LOVE the look of pure white frosting with beautiful ombre cake layers on the inside. Just imagine the look on everyone’s faces when you cut into a simple white frosted cake to reveal the wonderful ombre layers of cake on the inside. Or you can choose to apply your ombre design to the outside frosting or fondant. The key is to make the colors blend in and fade as gradual as possible.

Next up…yellow ombre cakes. Stay tuned!

photo credits: call me cupcake | janae shields | martha stewart

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