Fruits and Veggies Buffet Table

Oct 06, 2011 in Food/Drinks

veggie buffet table

Looking for a healthier alternative to a traditional candy buffet table? How about a fruits and veggies buffet table? We’re loving the fresh look of this fruits & veggies buffet table by Kristine Shin Designs. The green, orange and yellow color pallette brings a fresh and natural look¬†to the fruits and veggies table.

The set up for a fruits and veggies table is similar to a candy buffet table, except you probably have even more options with these produce items since you can slice and dice them up to your hearts content. Here are a few suggestions on how to really spice up your fruits and veggies buffet table:

  • Look for all sorts of different colors when shopping for your produce. You can find red, yellow, orange, green, and even purple (squash anyone?).
  • Make fruit and veggie skewers by cutting them up into bite sized pieces. Make sure you have some yummy vegetable dip and caramel sauce for guests to enjoy with their healthy assortment of veggies.
  • Mini cookie cutters can be your best friend.
  • Make your own table arrangements. Use skewers to arrange some beautiful artichokes on foam balls and place them on top of a pretty vase. Add leaves to make the arrangement look more floral. Or pick out the prettiest oranges or limes and place them in a glass cylinder.
  • Serve veggie and fruit juices in a glass. Mix carrots with apples or cucumbers with melons for a refreshing pick me up.

Floral Design & Food Styling : Kristine Shin Designs
Photography: Serena Grace
Stationery Design: Wiley Valentine
Concept Design: Esther Kim of My Bride Story

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