DIY Chic Candy Buffet Table

Nov 24, 2011 in DIY

yellow gray candy dessert buffet table

Nowadays it seems like no party is truly complete without a candy buffet table. Not only do they add beautiful color to the room, candy buffet tables are the perfect solution for party favors. You can let each guest fill their own bag of goodies for them to take home and enjoy. Hire a professional candy buffet table designer and it can cost you a pretty penny. Follow these tips below to create your own modern candy buffet table, like this ultra chic gray and yellow one from Dooby Design Group.

1. Decide on Your Decor: Start out with a vision of what you want your candy buffet table to look like. Will it be bright and colorful? Simple and clean? Soft and subdued? Matching the color palette of your party is a great way to incorporate your candy buffet table to your overall party theme. For inspiration, check out these beautiful candy buffet tables by Amy Atlas.

2. Shop for Candy Containers: It’s much easier to choose your candy containers before buying your candy. That way you’ll know exactly what kind of candy will fit in your containers. There are so many choices of candies out there, you can be sure you’ll find the right shape and size for your jars and containers. Not only that, you may not even need to buy very many candy jars. You can easily find items to fit your candy from just looking around your own house. Use pretty flower vases to hold lollipops, cute plates for your cupcakes, and candle holders for small candies. Check out your local Big Lots or TJ Maxx for some inexpensive glassware that would work perfectly for your candy table.

 3. Buy Candy: Look for assorted shapes and sizes of candy to create a visual impact on your candy table. And don’t just stop at candies. Cookies, cupcakes, crackers and even juice boxes make great additions to candy buffet tables. Take color swatch samples everywhere you go as you shop for items for your candy buffet table. This helps to ensure that all of your colors will match.

 4. Make Table Decorations: Add a colorful bunting or hang some pretty fabric to create a beautiful backdrop for your candy table. Wrap some boxes in pretty giftwrap paper and place candy jars on top of them to add varying heights to your table. You can also make candy labels at home. Print out the candy names on cardstock paper, then cut and glue ribbon so that you can hang them on your candy jars and containers. This makes it much easier for your guests to identify all the goodies on the table. Don’t have time to design table decorations? Not a problem. Buy some DIY printable labels and all you have to do is print and cut.

 5. Buy Goodie Bags/Boxes: Your guests will have such a fun time filling up their goodie bags with yummy candy. If you have cookies or cupcakes, it might be a good idea to also buy some small take-out boxes for guests to fill up and take home. The Container Store has bags of all colors and sizes. We especially love their gable boxes for holding cookies and cupcakes.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to a traditional candy buffet table, consider a fruits and veggies buffet table. Bring a juicer machine and a blender and your guests can make their own smoothies and juice drinks right on the spot!

Have you thrown a party with a great idea for an alternative to a traditional candy table? We’d love to feature it on our site! Submit your party to us today!

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