Baker’s twine has gained so much popularity in the world of parties and crafts. There are just so many uses for baker’s twine, it’s like a craft-lover’s dream. They’re gorgeous for hanging presents tags and holiday ornaments. You can use them for gift wrapping, too. Baker’s twine comes in a variety of colors so you [...]

Cozy felt pinecones? Sweet! We love simple and fun DIY projects and this sweet holiday craft goodie is right up our alley. You can decorate your holiday tree with these little felt lovelies or use them as gift wrap toppers. For a little extra bling bling, sprinkle glitter on them and watch them sparkle. Itching [...]

We love DIY projects. Especially the ones that are easy enough for anyone to do. Check out these awesomely simple holiday paper ornaments for your soon-to-put-up holiday tree. With just 6 easily accessible materials, you can create your own mid-century(esque) paper ornament. Materials: Cardstock Scissors and Ruler Binder clips 1/4″ Hole Punch 1/4″ Metal Eyelit Kit [...]

DIY Petal Paper Lanterns

Our hearts went aflutter when we spotted these beyoooootiful petal paper lanterns. And then we realized that these were a complete DIY project and knew we had to feature these in our DIY section. And the bestest part of all is that all you need to make these petal paper lanterns are 3 (three!!) items: [...]

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DIY: Cupcake Stand

This DIY cupcake stand is amazing! You can buy all of the metal pieces at your local hardware store and completely make it yourself. The color possibilities are endless. Check out the step-by-step instructions on Lowes Creative Ideas. And don’t limit yourself to metal. Experiment with other materials like wood and plastic. If you’re looking for other ideas [...]

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DIY: Chalkboard Place Cards

chalkboard placecard thumb

If you’re looking for a fun and creative idea for place cards for your next party, check out these chic chalkboard place cards. These are perfect for those of you with busy (aka flakey!) friends who always seem to cancel at the last minute. You can just wipe off their names and write in a new one. If [...]

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